Monday, December 3, 2007

November blahg

Given the amount of work I find myself doing prior to the holidays (Christmas for me), I have plenty to say, but no time to spend saying it. Perhaps that is a good thing when it comes to NOT filling cyberspace with useless blogging.

That said, I will post a comment about my HP laptop nc6400 in the hopes that it might actually elicit some response or at least empathy in this holiday season. Not only is my comment related to the "technical" nature of this site, but it is relevant to the meaning of second language acqusition. Bottom line: my keyboard is out of control. If I were typing from the nc6400, you would be seeing the following language:

MMMMMMMMMMyyyyyyyyyy llppppppptopppppppppppp iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis *damn* nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot wwwwwworrkkkkkkkkkiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

I have tried cleaning the keyboards with air pressure cans. I have checked and updated loads of drivers. I've run extra scans for bots, worms, viruses, spies, and you name it. I have written to HP, and I have screamed a lot. The crazy thing is that the problem comes and goes. Sometimes I can turn the machine on and there is no evidence of any problem. At other times, I may not be able to use the laptop for days at a time. (I do plan to try connecting another keyboard, temporarily). Since I bought the HP in Sweden and I am currently working in Glasgow, and travelling a lot, I have not had an opportunity to do anything about the situation in the last three weeks since the problem began. Given the nature of laptops and their use, one might think that the likes of HP and their competitors might see fit to open centers that can truly deal with such things without telling a person that he or she must mail in the thing.

In another 2 weeks I'll be back in Sweden and will stop by the place that sold me the laptop, and let's hope that by January all will be well again. In the meantime, if any techie types out there have an idea or solution, do tell.


Dan said...

Good to hear from you again Mary. You walk away, but just can't stay away from here, right? :)

The only other suggestion that I have for you is to take off the keys and clean them. It can be a hassle, but might work.

However, if the problem happens with all letters, this would be futile. The only explanation would be software-related.

Also, if this is the case, HP support is going to be of zero help. If they can't do it for you, I suggest starting over. Backup your important files, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall fresh. I know....who has time for this? I've found that it is a cure-all for software-related problems.

Hope all is well otherwise.


PS - My parents and sister just got back from my sister's engagement party near your neck of the woods (Copenhagen). Didn't think of asking you for suggestions on hotels until it was too late :)

mary said...

HI Dan. Nice to see you at the site. I try to get something up at least once a month, but without taking up unnecessary cyber-space on total nonsense.
The keyboard is better this week. I think that I fixed some part of the interference (definitely HP and Microsoft software related). I had tried to take apart the keys while in Chicago in October but the newfangled keys on this machine are not easy to snap back into place the way earlier or different models are. Hence, the "o" is taped into place and its movement will sometimes disrupt the entire keyboard also! I will have the guys who sold the laptop to me fix the "o" next week when I'm back in Sweden!